Mother’s Day Recipe Watermelon Iced Tea

The drink recipe you need this Mother’s Day

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Boozy cocktails, fruity mocktails, and perky espresso drinks are all great options when entertaining, but our top pick for a thirst-quenching Mother’s Day recipe is a good old, iced tea. Filled with flavours of rosewater, watermelon, and mint — it is sure to delight mum. 

Catering this Mother's Day has never been so refreshing! This watermelon and rosewater iced tea is sure to be a crowd-pleaser — whether it is for breakfast in bed or a feast at the table. It is not only super easy to make but tastes divine. A great alternative to soft drink, and sure to keep everyone feeling refreshed.

Add a few jugs around your brunch or lunch spread and sit back to enjoy! If there was an ‘iced tea of the year award,’ this one would be ranked as number one.

  • 750ml of boiling water
  • 3 earl grey tea bags
  • 2-3 tsp of rosewater essence (adjust accordingly to your preferred strength)
  • Sliced watermelon
  • 500ml of mineral water
  • Ice cubes and mint to serve (optional) 


Recipe 2 Watermelon Iced Tea (4)
Find all you need for this recipe here;
Steep the tea bags in the boiling water for five minutes or until it has reached your desired strength. Cool in fridge for 20 minutes.
Recipe Watermelon Iced Tea Steep Tea for 5mins

Use a blender to blend the watermelon until smooth. Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of pulp, use a juicer for a smoother consistency.

Mothers Day Recipe, Watermelon Iced Tea step 2 Blend

Combine the watermelon blend with the earl grey tea.

Mothers Day recipe Watermelon Iced Tea Step 3

Add the rosewater essence and mineral water, stir to combine. Tip: if you’re making it the night before, leave out the mineral water until it’s time to serve.

Mothers Day Recipe step 4 add rose, and sparkling water.

To serve add the ice cubes and fresh mint. Time to say cheers!

Mothers Day recipe step 5 add ice and mint to serve

For an adults only treat, add 30ml of Watermelon Vodka or Pink Gin to your glass when serving.